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Example of well-formatted Support case

We encourage you to copy the format below and paste it into your Help Desk case as a starting point if you're reporting an issue with your website.

Page: [the page name or full URL of the page the bug is on]

Screen cast : [If applicable, include link]

Error Details: 
If you received an application error, paste the essential parts of it into the body of your message. 
Paste the actual text in addition to the screen shot so that we can find the bug again using the search function.

Steps to Reproduce:

1) Walk through

2) Your steps to generate

3) The bug

Expected Result: [What should have happened if the functionality worked correctly]

Actual Result: [What actually did happen when you performed the steps above. Be sure to include error details and  screenshots]

Now enter any additional notes about the bug, such as whether it's an IE only or FF only bug.